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Located in the beautiful Ontario country of forests, hills, lakes and rivers, some 200 km west of Ottawa and close to Algonquin Park, lies the region of Barry's Bay and Wilno. To today's tourists it is known as 'Madawaska Valley", but the people of Polish origin call it "Kaszuby", so named after the part of northern Poland from which the first settlers arrived in mid-nineteenth century. The beauty of the Kaszuby country and its vibrant traditions have attracted many new, post World War II Polish immigrants. Scores of summer cottages have been built, Franciscan Centre has been established and Kaszuby became the focus of Polish scouting in Canada.

In 1985 a group of Polish Canadians founded the Polish Heritage Institute Kaszuby, as a non-profit organization. The aim of the Institute is to support the advance of the Kaszuby region and to preserve its tradition.

The Heritage Institute is an active member of the Polish Congress of Canada.

In 1991 the Institute published a book "The Proud Inheritance - Ontario's Kaszuby". In this book you will meet settlers from the old pioneering days and re-live their experiences of 140 years.

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