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2014 - 2015

Our Branch celebrated the 50 anniversary. You can learn about the beginnings of the organization right here. => it started like a ghost story... read more...

In June 2014 three of our members: Vera Ramik, Eva Konopacka and Renia Forester has been awarded Ontario Volunteer Award for 50 years of volunteer work. In June 2015 a few other members: Grazyna von Finckenstein, Jadwiga Swiecicka and Marzena Kuzma were awarded the same Award for 10 years of volunteer work, Renia Miszkiel for 40 years, Czeslaw Kwiatkowska for 10 years and Maria Boris for 5 years. Congratulation!

On the occasion of the anniversary we had a special lunch in a charming restaurant. See some pictures here

2013 Annual Report

We finished last year 2012 with the third annual Christmas Tree Decoration at the Museum of Civilization, a great opportunity to showcase the Polish traditional decorations in Canada’s capital. Christmas Tree

Our Branch is a member of the Ottawa chapter of the National Council of Women. Our president Ewa Zadarnowska was elected Convenor of Cultural Affairs.

We are members of the Ethno-cultural Coalition and actively support their activities, among others fundraiser the November 2013 International Brunch, which included a Silent Auction as well as traditional food. See Pictures here.

In December 2012 our member Anna Binkowska participated in the "Respect for Caregivers and Unpaid Work Roundtable" chaired by the Liberal Health Critic Hon. Dr Hedy Fry PC MP (Vancouver Centre), the discussion is part of a series organized by the National Liberal Women Caucus.

In March 2013 our Branch helped with preparations and promotion of the Polish Tourist Organization and the Ministry of the Economy stand at the Travel and Vacation Show in Ottawa's Convention Centre. Picture.

In April we organized the XXXI Annual Reciting Competition for children and youth. All the participants receive diplomas, medals, books and cash prizes.
Here are results of the 31st Annual Recital Competition - Results and Pictures

In May many of us joined the Ottawa Marathon, walking the 5km race and have the medals to prove it!

We also continued our traditional start and end of summer activities in June and September, namely the BBQ at Barbara Wozniak for our Annual General Meeting and the SPA weekend in the Ontario Kashuby region which includes an overnight stay at the Polish scout’s quarters, lots of hiking and sightseeing and good food. (Pictures 1), (pictures 2), (pictures 3).

Our president Ewa Zadarnowska represented us in farewell to the Military Attaché Michal Peksa and his wife Dorota, as well as to the Ambassador Zenon Kosiniak-Kamysz and his wife Mrs Katarzyna, who finished their respective diplomatic missions in Canada. Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3.

Black Ribbon Day and a meeting with Mrs Jadwiga Wisniewska were other highlights of the summer activities.

In September we organized the “Gone with the Wind” concert, a wonderful event with the audience singing along the good old tunes. Pictures

In November there were three events:

  • Our traditional book sale where along with funds raised we are happy to see books saved from the recycling bin and get a second life in the hands of avid readers, especially children. Picture
  • It was our turn this year to organize the November event commemorating 95th Independence Day. Among our distinguished guests was the Ambassador of Poland in Canada, HE Mr Marcin Bosacki and family, other members of the Embassy, leaders of the Polish organizations in Canada, the priest of St. Hyacinth’s Parish Father J.Jajesniak, OMI and numerous members of the community. A brief official ceremony was followed by an artistic show to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the January Upraising. Pictures
  • The third and final event in November was the International Brunch with the Ethno-cultural Coalition. Pictures

Our Branch decided to allocate funds to two charitable causes this year: providing help to the hurricane victims in the Philippines and the building improvements fund of the Polish Parish in Ottawa.

Finally we would like to boast of the awards received by several of our members this year: Ewa Zadarnowska – Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (picture), Wanda Garlicka – Volunteer Service Award for 50 years of volunteering; Barbara Owczarek, Elzbieta Gamrat and Malgorzata Boczkowska (nominated by the Polish Teacher’s Union in Canada) who all received Volunteer Service Awards. Malgorzata Boczkowska – Golden Combatants Cross awarded by the Polish Combatants Association in Canada for her work as teacher and director of the Polish School “Wiktor Podolski” in Ottawa.

In light of the upcoming holiday season

We wish all of you a Peaceful, Healthy and Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New 2014 Year!

This report was prepared by Malgorzata Boczkowska and Maria Borys.


  • December 2012 - Starting December 1st., 2012 till January 7th., 2013 the Christmas tree decorated by our Branch will be prezented among the other Ottawa's organization trees in the Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, QC. Christmas Tree
  • November 2012 - Used Book Sale - On Sunday morning in the Polish Parish meeting room our members were selling books.
  • October 2012 - Tea Party at the Woman are Persons monument on the Parliament Hill, Ottawa. Pictures
  • September 2012 - Our Branch took part in the Forum organized by the Ethnocultural Coalition of Ottawa to showcase work performed by volunteers from different Ethnic organizations. Each group prepared or took part in exhibits, powerpoint presentations and discussions with Funders. Picture
  • June 2012 - BBQ at Basia's. Pictures
  • May 2012 - XVII General Convention of the PWF organized by our Branch in Ottawa, May 18-20, 2012.
    Ewa L. Zadarnowski is a new President of PWF. Congratulations!
    More... and Pictures
  • May 2012 - Mr. Donald Tusk - Prime Minister of Poland and Hon. S. Harper - Prime Minister of Canada in Parliament Hill, Ottawa. Pictures
  • April 15 - Results of the 30th Annual Recital Competition - Results and Pictures


  • December -Dec. 2011 - Jan. 9, 2012 - Polish Canadian Women’s Federation took part in the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Second Annual Festive Trees Decorating Challenge. See our Polish Tree here.
  • November - President Ewa Zadarnowska was a guest at the commemoration of Poland's National Independence Day on November 11th organized by the Polish School in Ottawa. Mrs. Zadarnowski appears in the photo with members of the Polish Embassy, Polish Combatants Association, Superintendent of CCE, OCSB, teachers and students
  • October - Meeting of representatives of the Polish Community with Prime Minister Steven Harper on Parliament Hill (see photo)
  • October - Attended the annual Tea Party on Parliament Hill (see photo)
  • October - Book sale at St. Hyacinth Polish Parish in Ottawa where used books, films and children's cassettes were sold (see photo)
  • September - Friends of Library and Archives annual book sale (see photo)
  • September - Annual rejuvination excursion by members of the organization, this year in Kaszuby Ontario (see photo)
  • July - Members of the organization as guests at the dinner cruise in Ottawa organized by the Embassy of Poland in celebration of the Polish Government assuming the presidency of the European Union (see photo 1) and (see photo 2)
  • June - President Ewa Zadarnowska accepting the Province of Ontario 20 year Volunteer Award (photo 1) and ( photo 2)
  • June - Members of the organization at the annual spring bar-b-que hosted by one of the members where the wife of the Polish Ambassador, Mrs. Iatarzyna Kosiniak-Kamysz was a guest (see photo)
  • June - President Ewa Zadarnowska accepting a diploma from the Ottawa Catholic School Board and from the Polish Language School in Ottawa in recognition of her management of the school library (photo 1) and (photo 2)
  • May - Photo 1: collection of medals for participation in the annual Walkathon for the past 10 years. Photo 2: group picture of members of the organization who participated in this year's Walk
  • April - Results of the 29th Annual Recital Competition and 8th Annual Literary Competition (see photo). - Results of the XXIX Poetry Competition and VIII Writing Competition for Children and Pictures
  • February - Report sent to the Council of Women. Our Branch is a member of the Council.


  • December 2010 - January 9, 2011 - Polish Canadian Women’s Federation is pleased to invite you to view and vote for the special tree we have decorated as part of the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s First Annual Festive Trees Decorating Challenge.

    Polish Canadian Women’s Federation is one of 18 local community groups chosen to decorate a tree as part of a competition to celebrate the festive season and promote our organizations. Each group was given a 2.5 m (8-foot) tree and an electrical supply; the rest was up to our imaginations!

    All 18 of the colourfully festooned trees are on view in the Museum’s Special Exhibitions Corridor (Level 2, across from the main entrance), where members of the public can admire them and vote for their favourite.

    The community organizations include a wide range of local interests, representing the arts, sports, health and cultural groups. Each created a tree that expresses our group’s identity and mission, and reflects the way in which we want to be viewed by the world. The results are as impressive as they are diverse!

    Our tree decorated with handmade decorations represents traditional Polish family Christmas tree.

    The trees will be on display until January 9, 2011, when the Museum of Civilization will announce the winner of the First Annual Festive Trees Decorating Challenge. This season’s winner will be invited back next year to decorate an even larger tree.

    We hope you have a chance to see our tree as well as those of the other community groups. Thank you for your support, and enjoy the festive season!

  • January 10, 2010 - Opening of the Polish Spirit Exhibit organized by the Polish Canadian Women's Federation and sponsored by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation at the Polish Hall (Dom Polski SPK), Ottawa.

    Learn more about 60 Canadians of Polish heritage ...here...

    Pictures: Polish Spirit - Ottawa

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